Tuesday, September 14, 2010


14 Sept -Tuesday-

One day trip to KLCC Aquaria with my lovely family <3

Let picture tell the journey ;)

on the way to Aquaria
park at a wrong place, walk very far :'(

Adult RM35
Child RM25
Citizen RM25

Here we go :D

the snake is so damn green.
just like our faber caster colour pencil xD

Sally with variety of fish
p/s: like got a hand inside the Aquarium, scary ><"

the standing Aquarium :)

nemo :)
the colour is very nice

Dorie :)

The Aquarist is feeding the fish :D

2 yi, Leng and Ah po :)

The "ghost fish"

me, ling ling and baba

Dai Dai and me

Lastly we go for the Piranha feeding show at 4pm

That's all for the day
tired but happy day :D

Friday, August 20, 2010


Such a long time didn't come here already
Just finish my tough tough final exam
and having a short holidays now
approximately 2 weeks <3

Having a nice day with Sum, Joc, Hue, Renee, Lee and KC
A lot joke while on the way home
"short moment that can forget the stress-ness"

Hope Sadness runaway and Happiness coming to all my friend.

Hope my family financial problem can be solved one day

Friday, July 9, 2010





学校又有一大堆的assignment, presentation
Year 3 了,不能在像 Foundation 时那样


I feel so lonely...
and tired with this...
I should try to be alone...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The recent Life

Had been a long time didn't write something here,
cause of the busy-ness and not in the mood.

Something unpredictable happen since CNY
Only get the arrangement for kimo after 2 months
Nowadays, went to H.Selayang visit my Dad
Hope everything will be very very fine
God bless.

I need extra time,
24 hours per day is not enough for me
may be 48hours/day will be enough?

Don't have much time to study for my FINAL EXAM

which start from:
13 Apr - FOM & FM1
*2 sub in the same day,shit*
14 Apr - CMA
22 Apr - FA2
23 Apr - Audit 1

This semester really suck
I didn't felt so insecured for study before
All the new lecturer is so...
can't understand what they taught
Going to die for these subjects.

Only 1 word can describe my Life now - STRESS
the stress that derive from family
the stress that derive from study
the stress that derive from money
the stress that derive from relationship

I need fresh air.

Monday, March 1, 2010


20.2.10 -Saturday-

For me, 20 Feb is the special and the only date
20 Feb 2010 is our 3rd year anniversary

we had been together for 3years
time pass so fast :)
sometime we will quarrel
sometime we stay sweet

sometime we play jokes :)

I hope the relationship won't have an end =)

cam-whore in his car

the handmade card I made for him
*ignore my poor drawing*

while I step into his car,
he take a bouquet of rose to me
so sweet

He bring me to the 4 Season House at Setapak

p/s: the foods there is not bad and the price is reasonable & quite economic
the condition there quite good too
we chose WINTER to have our lunch :)

me & the only one

the Spring

the Summer

the Autumn

the Winter

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY for 2010

everyone is going out for "bai nian"
but I didn't even go one's house
not in the CNY mood actually
I thought this year will be a brand new year for me
but it doesn't look like
this is not what I wish to
I hope the hard time may pass faster and the good time is coming
Sis is going to Sabah tomorrow
Will less a family member again
Don't worry sis, we will take care of baba

Althought I'm not getting any happiness during this CNY
but still wishing all of you Happy Chinese New Year
Woohoo =)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Why every CNY also like that?
Can't really have a peaceful, harmony CNY?
Why wan to let us know about this now and not earlier...

Why will these happen?
The bad thingys always follow us...

Why will become like this?
Since when the thing become worse and worse...

Why previously don't wan listen to us?
See now what had happen...
the thing we try to avoid is still happen...
People only feel scare at last moment...

Why you didn't talk to him?
You always know He need you...

The thing we need to do now is...
solve it together with one heart <3
Hard time will passed and the Good time is coming...
God Bless Us

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shopping Day with sista

19 Jan 2010 -Tues-

Going Sg. Wang & Time Square with sayie
to buy some CNY clothes
but mission failed
ONLY bought 2 shirt after 5hours
sayie bought a pants again
but still thanks to sayie for accompany me
and also thanks to mum who fetch us go
Heart you <3

on the way to our DESTINATION

we had our lunch at Tbowl
weekdays also a lot of people
we only have the choice to sit outside ><"
My TOM YAM seafood rice
*TOM YAM is every girl favourite*thumb up

cam-whoring while waiting the foods come


Plan to have 1 more shopping day at Sunway.
teehee =)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Such a long time didn't update my blog
too LAZY and playful
*mum nag me for keep going out*

2009 had pass
so many things happen
Hope ALL the sad stuff will gone together with 2009.

I wan a BRAND NEW LIFE for 2010
4 Jan 1st day of new semester
2 month holidays just pass like that
Is time to study now...
study hard for myself
I wan to get a pretty result
work hard together, my girl <3>
Please bring Happiness for everyone

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Telematch - Desa Water Park

13 Dec -Sunday-

Have a telematch at Desa Water Park
organize by GBBM
My P come and find me the day before that
too bad I only can be the photographer
"Girls is ALWAYS the pity one"

Let start the day

Turtle Lai
*acting the picha behind him*

While waiting the people briefing

Red team

lame lala is hiding from the SUNSHINE

Why everyone look at there???

The 1st game :
the game is a bit hard for girls

wow~~ Ah Ken 一字马

the gang always face to camera


The 2nd & 3rd game:

while waiting the partner come from opposite side

macam-macam again

wanna be "Dropping King"
p/s: getting scold by the referee

can't really open my eyes
*the sunshine is too strong*

After that can play whatever you like
*envy envy*
I wanna jump into the water too
the weather is extremely HOT

we saw 1 father & 2 sons
look like the Japan 相扑手
*this is the elder son*

before get back home :D

-the end of the day-