Saturday, March 28, 2009

Poor me : (

Having dance practice in the early morning
After that we go 7 wonder have our lunch
When i reach home
The STUPID + ANNOYING fellow *Miss TAN SAYIE* keep say:
"where is my slipper?? where is my slipper??"
then i just....der~~~
I really very poor leh, just got RM20 for my own
but still wan to buy a slipper for her =="
me and lee lee "gap qin" buy lo,if not she will kacau me every moment
haiz....such a "GOOD" sis
Then we went to JUSCO,finally she get her slipper at VINCCI
now I just left RM4 to use for the following day
Baba & mama back Pahang sao mu
then we go 2 yi house eat dinner
1st 1st,we have our dessert - home made " Dou Fu Hua"

*little cousin keep ask me cam whore her~beh tahan oh XD *


Did you all off the light and electricity?

Yes,I do :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy Life

I'm so so so busy recently

got so many things need to be done b4 APRIL

CS ass.
Film & Arts ass.
Prepare for Film & arts presentation
Dance practice for "WEN YU" night

bla bla bla....

Now can't always meet him edi
he had start his work
damn miss him wei...T.T

Today after class went to YU HUA for Dance practice
after that sum fetch me home and she go dating with her dear
so sweet :)
reach home nothing to do and alone in house
so decide to bake cookies =]

1st time bake cookies
kira not bad edi lo
my sis give me 7/10
haha XD

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Finally i done all my midterm =]

Luckily all not that hard as i think

At the beginning,

I was very scare about moral studies midterm

but when i get the question paper

my eye become one line XD

I'm so happy


there was 24 question actually the same as last year midterm

and all the answer teacher had discuss during the lecture class

luckily i got study last year midterm paper

if not,really a BIG waste

so now i can confirm that i get 12 marks from the total 20 marks


consider as cheat??? i think not

haha XD

Monday, March 9, 2009

My week is FULL of MIDTERM

this week will be very busy

busy what??? studying lo...T.T

so sien...all midterm come together

some more the film & arts teacher so BULLSHIT

din tell us which chp included,how is the format of it

and ask us watch the BLACK & WHITE FILM

the film is just like a shit,no meaning at all

totally can't undertsnad the story


here my midterm schedules:

10 Mac-Film & Arts
13 Mac-Computing Studies
14 Mac-Algebra & Trigonometry
-Moral Studies

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I be mama today =]

Today didnt go for moral class

coz not feeling well ><

some more today no lecture

just see ppl present their assignment
so boring...

so decide to rest more at home

I'm a hardworking girl :)

I study algebra and do the exercise in the afternoon

afterthat i feel hungry and ask mama cook porridge tonight

coz still slightly sick :(

but mama wanna go UCSI fetch 3rd sis & go kajang fetch youngest sis

so i be mama today

cook for tonight dinner

cooking is such a tired work

we must appreciate every meal that mama do for us

Be a GOOD girl =]