Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to me :)

21 May -Thurs-

2-5 pm

After class onion and bestie chew bring me go TS
celebrate my b'day
heehee :)
they bring me go BBQ Plaza for lunch

D'licious :)

Juicy watermelon and garlic rice


In the car

after finished our lunch
we go a shop called wat "cold storage" for choc

Do you guys know what is "PULL" and "PUSH" ???
On the way to take the car
the door is showing the word "PULL"
but the onion PUSH it kuat-kuat
me and chew laguh till x boleh tahan
lolz XD


Have my second round celebration with my lovely Ribena,
Bestie sum,lalamui,huang and feng shan chai at Langat Hill
It was so COLD that night,luckily I got wear jacket :)

we talk all about the "geli" things
ESPECIALLY SUM with her amazing story XD
before we bills
the staff take out the cake from the refri
and they all are singing b'day song to me
when the cake reach our table
Ribena told me that the cake is made by him last night
I was just blank in a sudden and felt very surprise about it
It's a cheese cake and the the taste was good

His own made cheese cake

cutting cake :)

Did you'll realize got 3 couple here??? haha XD


Heart you always

walking back luu

we have our tea time from 12++am-1am at sg long
talk about those "scary" things
make me can't sleep T.T

22 May -Fri-

I went to KLCC with Ribena,noobies Huang,lalamui and Feng Shan Chai after the class
they purposely take leave to accompany me
really appreciate it :)
we have our lunch and movie-Night at the museum 2 there
I give 3 stars for this movie *max stars is 5*
after that we went to PETROSAINS

while concentrate to solve the Quiz,but can't solve it too :(
Dinour Crisis???

Found my little hand?? XD
18 SG

23 May -Satur-
My U bestie Mute,Joc,Hue,ah Lee and Mandy a.k.a. Bryan
celebrate with me at Serdang-Hoi Tong
we all din discuss b4 for wat to wear
but ALL of us are wearing BLACK T-shirt at the same time
so ngam, haha :D
we are sososo full now


Joc.ah Lee.Mute

BLACK colour supporters :D

Thx to those who wish me

In whatever way

msg me,thru facebook or face to face :)

Love you guys

Sunday, May 10, 2009


9 May -Satur-

Have a Celebration for May B'day Babes
8 May-Rui
11 May-Ken
21 May-Yean *me*

We have a steamboat party
today :)
after eating and killer game
those crazy ppl start to play cream =="

Here the evidence:
the 1st victim-ken
juin sendiri kena also XD
1st 1st , I stand at side side coz dun wan attack by the cream

finally kena too....T.T
o-m-g my face
can't see anything
pity me :(

Finally has wash my face :)

new friend-ah khai is bully-ing by juin juin

make a wish :)

blow candle :D

cut cake =]

cleaninig process XD

Sunday, May 3, 2009

School-ing Life again

I had passed all my foundation sub
Going to start my Degree Life tomolo

so many thing need to be done:

1. course selection
2. payment for new semester
3. PTPTN things

I will try my best to enjoy "School-ing Life"
so that won't feel too boredom about study
haha :D

My holidays just end like that
Got abit sad...T.T
but can't do anything

Let start School-ing Life

Friday, May 1, 2009

Birthday :)

29 April -Wed-

Celebrate Amanda's Birthday at Green Box
1st 1st they give us a BIG BIG room *got own washroom*
after singing few songs
the staff come in and ask us wheather can change to a small room or not?
we sure say can de lo, if not how??
then we continue singing
suddenlt feels that, the sound got problem
a lot of "爆音"
then I ask the staff come
she say she will find ppl solve the problem
after few minutes she say they cant solve it
ask us chnage to another room again
change here change there
the GREEN BOX so suck
but nvm we are good ppl, won't care with them :D
cam-whore time
Amamda's 11th B'day Yam Cake
Cute B'day girl

I look not slim anymore in this pic XD

Fatty sayie*dai ga jie* and Amanda