Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Celebration ♥

Have a birthday celebration for our Mute <3 on Tues
Sing K at green box & dinner at FULL HOUSE
here the b'day babe

me & mute

the group picha

FULL HOUSE restaurant

you guys thought this is a comics book or magazine?
Actually it's a Menu

simple nice, I white

I took picha with Korean xD

the guest place???

spot my oily hair
just finish rebonding so not yet wash my hair

Geli~~~ ><"

Ta na~~~

a big big family

Here we go, ciaoz

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hello, everybody =)
Finally the tough weeks had passed
I'm officially HOLIDAYS from now on
huhuu~~~ so happy =D
this is such a long holidays for me
Going to plan to use this 2 months holidays sufficiently

Hmm...If don't have any incident
I'm going to Melaka again on next friday
3 days 2 nights
yea, with my bf's friends again
they're nice :)

For those UCSI buddies who still have exam :
Good Luck & All the best,
waiting you all to go for shopping xD
A long long time
didn't go shopping with my friends
until I can't remember when is the last time I shop with them

For those who having SPM soon:
Good Luck to you all
epecially the TSY *not myself*
(p/s:everyday keep 念经 inside the room)

Haiya, no need worry too much also
sure you can do it

coz you're one of the TAN family members
keke =)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Final exam is coming soon on next week:
20 Oct - MOT
*super hard, tons of things need to be memorize*

21 Oct - BIS
*Is better than MOT but still need to memorize*
I HATE MEMORIZING !!!! It KILLING me all the times
This will be a tough week for me, seriously...

never mind, after 21 Oct I will have a long holidays for 2 months
I wan go for vacation

got to go for study
god bless me and all the best for my girls too =)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have such a long time didn't update my blog
*I know less will read it,but still need to update update lolz*

Yea, I'm fine with my life now

but is a very busy-ing & rush-ing life
just finish midterm 1 week ago and

I can sure that my Midterm will be bad T^T
It's okay, careless mistake again...

Lot of assignment & presentation need to rush for this week
just finished one of the assignment at 2:30am yesterday
It's torturing ><"

but must make used of it, this is life...

Let talk about my buddies,

Juin Juin is so in love
<3 now and I still dun have chance to meet her,
chit chatting with her...

Chew arr...not bad lo, still the same always "lao yang zi"
just tea with her on tue & wed and talk something about our "life"

Sum, something bad happen on her
but I know she will be fine soon
"you worth for a good one"
She's stronger.
I didn't even have chance to talk to her althoguh we're in the same U
short sem life is so rush & just like living in a nervous situation
feel so sorry for not talk to her...
and she's sick for 1 week,
pity her becomes a superb thin girl,
must eat more start from now...

miss the time we stick together, such a long time didn't hang out with all my buddies

p/s: finally have a gathering with my dance buddies tonight.