Sunday, April 26, 2009


25 April -Saturday-

Today is my last performance at Yu Hua
no no no, is all senior last performance
Although I feel regret to perform at the begining
*b'coz of those final exam and a lot of practise*
but I will still feel appreciate about the chance of perform on stage with my friends
my lovely "twins sister" will be oversea for study on August
we will miss you 99 ...T.T

During the rest time in the library
Rachel's sis come in to find pei lin *my twins sis*
but she run towards me
I start feeling weird and she feels weird too
coz i didn't give her any respond
then I told her: "pei lin is there"
then she very paiseh and say thx to me
haha XD

she's not the 1st person who recognize wrong
coz after make up, they say me and pei lin look alike
got some say we are twins =="
*It's too hypobole*

Let me show some photo here:

Before make up

Feel like nyonya?? :D

We look alike???

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today I had my LAST PAPER-CS at 10am
you guys know what the stupid teacher do?
p/s: I'm sitting CS paper
He comes out the CE question with WHOLE LAST PAGE of the exam paper
I just like... ... w-t-h
I dunno how to answer at all
Just got abit impression about it 
coz I take CE during my 1st sem-May 2008
It was long long time ago
how can i remember the contents???
just cincai do, all put TRUE
*teacher say if dunno do then put true ==" *
I had gone through all my final exam  
2 weeks holidays, it's quite long for me
everyone must date me out, if not i will sien dou bao XD

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today go for the Film & Arts class

Their presentation was so amazing,funny,creative

bla bla bla...

Our class till 6 pm ++

the long duration of class really killed me

Luckily i got buy some bread for myself

if not...haha XD

After class then back home and waiting for mama come back from pm

anticipating my "salt steam chicken" XD

While waiting & online-ing

Suddenly a sound "zhi zhi zhi..." from the electric box

I'm so shock about it and sayie is bathing that time

she say luckily that time she finish bath and wearing pant edi
*you all know lo,she scare GHOST*

haha XD

I think about few hours later

the electricity is RECOVERING

then we just continue our stuff...

FINAL EXAM is coming very very SOON

but i still not yet start my revision and keep playing those Nice & Cute :) flash game


I really very very very LAZY to study lah

help me pls~~~