Monday, July 27, 2009


I NEED EXTRA TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tons of things need to be done
need to post the Batch 1 lens
seriously *BLOCK my study*
After that need to do a lot of revision
FINAL EXAM is coming soon

11 Aug - B.Eco
12 Aug - B.Stac
13 Aug - B.Com
17 Aug - B.Law
18 Aug - FA1

got to go now, STUDY !!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


22 July -Wed-

No class for today,hapee =)

We go metropoint play bowling in the early morning
4 games,my marks all below 100
so sad and malu T.T

No.4 shoes is too big for us,so we change to No.3
dang dang~~~

see the juin juin so pro
like that also let her hit dou XD

the botak huang huang^^
*juin juin wont fong guo yan ho geng tou*

After that the 2nd round is Sing K at Green Box
you guys know what happen???
we sing from 3pm-9pm
6 hours !!! is 6 hours non-stop
Our throat is going to......boom!!!

RM10 for 6 hours + unlimited drinks and snacks
It's so worth for it
so sad sum can't join us

see they 2,so yuk gen XD

cuite huang =)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

B.Law Presentation

20 July -Mon-
This is my 1st presentation
I'm so nervous
somemore I'm the 1st presenter
scary~~~~ ><

before going for the class

The Girls with our Lecturer *Sarojini*

As i aspected,
the mark will be lower
I just read thru the small note and forget eye contact with lecturer
Haiz....whatever lah
cheer =)
going out tomolo for Bowling & Sing K
yeepy :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday bena =)

14 July -Tues-

Today is my Mr.Ribena Birthday
we went to MILWAUKEE for celebration

here the thingy =)

the guys

the girls

thx for miss wan chew,finger injured also come eat stick XD
thx for sum too,rush for the 2nd celebration

me & my Ribena :)

fanshanchai *pray before eat*

the "huai ren" - lalachai

the management "shi fu"
*so pro in arrange the cake* XD

pray before eat *learn from tata*

one person lost edi???
pity sum
is holding the camera

my homemade cake
*sorry,it look ugly,the taste......*

Group photo,cheers :)

macam macam before cut cake
*opps sorry for the darkness*

Finally... =]

Friday, July 3, 2009


Stressful stressful stressful....
assignment come again again and again
some of the assignment is HARD!!!

B.Eco *coming soon*

not in mood recently
I really hate myself

wondering why our relationship will changed so easily and
become like that?
It's hurt
I thought you know me
may be some misunderstand between us? or
may be is me myself make the relationship become worst? or
the burden life and hardness life make us lost our direction?
my tears drop uncontrolly while thinking back the scene
If time could turns back

I don't want all the things
I just wan the good relationship back...
I still appreciate our relationship
remember the thingy that you wrote for me?
your phone will 24 hours on for me
b'coz of the special relationship
we not merely "normal friend"
but dunno it's still work for now?
I still miss the time we talk to each other
my friend...


I will miss my NS life
no stress
no burden
although it's bored...