Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Mines

24 Nov -Tuesday-

We plan to go The Mines shopping today
the plan is success xD

while waiting amanda *little cousin*

Before going out
see her noob noob face =p

The stupid Say Lee say wanna go Jusco buy movie ticket
*Twilight New Moon*
Like very scare the ticket will SOLD OUT
ah dui~~~
but the ticket seller said only can start to buy the ticket on tomolo
she come out with the sad face =(
lolz xD

While waiting her, camwhore in the car
muahaha *evil laugh*

p/s: All the blur blur picha is edited by little amanda
I just stole it to update my blog
ngek ngek
on the way to the Mines
*my sexy leg* consoling myself xD

The Mines parking is FULL
b'coz of the book fair
we forced to park at the dunno what place
we did a stupid thing again
if wan to go to The mines,
need to use the bridge that connect to The Mines
but must pass by the book fair only can go to the bridge
then we saw "售票处" there
thought need to buy ticket for that
then we plan to walk to The Mines by the BIG ROAD
a long long distance
but finally only we realize, no need buy ticket for the book fair
arh~~~ the stupid "售票处" dunno for what one
sigh ;(

Reached there around 2pm
Say Lee say wanna try to ask see here can buy the movie ticket or not
then the answer is CAN
gek sei her, and keep scold the Jusco ticket seller stupid xD
we bought 4:30pm ticket of Twilight New Moon
teehee :)

Feel hungry and tired after shopping + the previous walk
We chose the "Garden Cafe" restaurant for our lunch

Choc Ice Blended with Say Lee hand

Amanda's Pataya

Say Lee's Chicken Wing Fried Rice

My Ikan Pari Set
yummy ;)

Went for dinner with family
my purple crystal bracelet LOST
I think it dropped on the way to the restaurant
sad sad sad ;(

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

♥ 1000 Days

16/11/09 Monday

Time pass so fast
We had been together for 1000 Days
and today is the special days for us

We had a simple celebration at MilWaukee

before going out =)

the always act cool him

Juicy Watermelon

My Favourite : Black Pepper Chicken Chop

A pair of pillow I bought for his car =)
New member: Fify

After that went to JUSCO for a movie

The story is not that nice
but the actors are funny :)

Before went back home
*sorry for the darkness*

teehee =D

Saturday, November 14, 2009

2012, BRAVO

12/11 Nov

Today is such a boring day
I sleep from 3 something to 6pm
*raining is always the good weather to have a nap*
Felt faint after having the long nap T^T
I swear I won't take a nap in the afternoon no matter how tired/boring I am
Coz after that the whole body will feel very very uncomfortable...

Sis went back home from Mid V with
I ate one, quite sweet but still acceptable =)

She asked me accompany her go
JUSCO to buy the high heels for her school celebration tomolo
*can't spot any one at Mid V*
We walk towards TSC to chose for the shoes
she not dare to asked the sales girl for the bigger size
asked me to help her, you all
I'm kind hearted
Then I ask the girl who wearing YELLOW collar shirt for the size
The girl respond to me and point to the other Malay who wearing BLACK collar shirt
I thought she is the supervisor and don't want help me find t
he shoes
but after a few seconds the
YELLOW shirt girl talk to a guy who sitting there
At the time, only I realized,
she is not the shop worker
o-m-g, so paiseh ><" *the girl sure very hate me*
Finally she bought a WHITE high heels
teehee =D

After that we went to Food Court ordering some foods
I do a very paiseh action again
After order and paid for the foods,

I give the receipt to the YELLOW shirt guy to take my food
the guy face look like wanna tell me: Huh? We didn't sell this food?
then point to the BLACK shirt guy who stand at the stall beside,
now i realized I went to the wrong stall

Haiz.... *sis is laughing me*

Did you all realized???
The people involved in these 2 incidents are wearing the

Later going out with my boy and his friends
for th
e 2012 movie *anticipated*

The movie is last for 2.5 hours
we watch from 12am-230am
so damn nice, I didn't event feel sleepy for a seconds
abit funny part + touching
You must not missed the movie !!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

♥ Vacation

30 Oct - 1 Nov Melaka Trips

Have a 3 days 2 night trip with Mr. Ribena's friends again
we started our journey around 11pm 30 Oct
Reached there around 1am++ then have our supper at mamak
the food is nice even though is only mamak food
yeepee =D

We stay at Soon Hoe's uncle's apartment
below showed the place we stay
got swimming pool somemore

the view from the room


While Q up for the chicken rice
yummy yummy

The weather is HOT ><"
*thanks for sally's HK little fans, altough just a little bit wind*

The Girls and yee min

4 of us

Mr. Ribena & me

He asked me to take his photo
*always do this action*

Look like Amitabha ???

the Group picha

coconut cendol
*I like the flower designed*

We steping "bird shit" while taking this photo

very yeng???
b'coz of the PRO photographer

we the place

Still got some photos not yet get it, waiting