Monday, September 21, 2009

Vacation <3

19 Sept 09 -Saturday-

Around 12pm Bibi come and fetch me
Head to Serdang meet his friends
This is the 1st time go trip with his friends
nervous-ing ><"

on the way to Hoe's house

After done all the preparation
Let start our 9 persons Journey to PD
teehee :)

The sweet couple " Felicia & Hoe "

The sea-view from our apartment <3

you guys guess how much is this???
only cost RM6.90
so cheap lah weih
p/s: tehre got RM1 punye shoes!!! crazy cheap!!!

While waiting his friends buy sauces at Billion
cam-whore time
heehee :)

he say himself very lengzai wor

Is me =)

The "xiao hua" inside his car
cutie :)

After buy all the things
we went back to our apartment

Bibi is play-ing guitar as some amusement

Around evening
went down to the swimming pool
so sad,i didnt bring any black shirt
(All my shirts are white color)
so I can't swim
nvm just be their photographer

What are they doing??? I also dunno
Haha XD

The Romantic couple =)

Felicia so powerful!!!

Bibi see I so boring there
so accompany me have a beach walk

At night
Is time to BBQ

The Sweet Couple again
yea :)

Ribena.Yee Min.Heng.Amy

The master of BBQ "Orange"
See what he BBQ-ing???
Is strawberry !!!
His gf ask him to do so
His gf is Amy
they're sweet too :)

Time to game
They play Monopoly for 6 hours
from 9pm to 3am
normally play till halfway will feel sienz
why they can play this game for so long???
B'coz it's really funny while they playing this game
Heng go into the jail continuously 5 times!!!
so funny
just come out the jail then take the "chance" card
the card said that: "Please go back to the jail"

20 Sept 09 -Sunday-

After pack all the things
we decide to have our brunch at Melaka

traffic jam for sure
B'coz of the Hari raya

While Q up for the Chicken Rice
People are everywhere
Even is not delicious punye restaurant also need to Q
And the weather is HOT !!! ><"


The Girls

The Guys
Orange.Yee Min.Jian Ming.Heng.Hoe.Ribena

So so so so hungry
Is Time to EAT!!!
Eat is my favourite

After that we have some walk at Melaka town
and EAT the Babi Celuk
nice nice nice !!!
and also went to the 陈金福 eat the Cendol

p/s: forget to take picha for these,too tired

-The Ends-

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Miss You <3

21 Sept 2009 -Monday-

My Lovely twin sis (Emily Sim) is going to UK by today 10am
for her genius study
Waiting for her to come back
I think is around June 2010
We will miss you very very much
Your LOUD Laughing,silly action...
Take Care & All the best to you
Heart you <3

p/s: Lovely sis rmb send photo to me,teehee :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

GBBM Telematch & Dinner

13 Sept 09 -Sunday-

7am gather at ken's futsal court
after that start our journey to Klang
for GBBM telematch at stadium Rakan Muda
Klang is so far for me~~~
we're the 1st team reached there
even the organizer also late
this is what peolpe say:
Chinese culture -"not on time" or always late XD

Lazy to talk so much lah
so just see the pictures lah
teehee :)

Group picha 1
p/s: spot my muscle!!!

Group picha 2
so systematic, left hand yeah & right hand yeah
p/s: got a ppl not cooperate use both hand to yeah,spot her XD

Noob Huang is going to telan the CAR KEY !!!!

After telematch then have the GBBM dinner
at the place nearby the stadium Rakan Muda

dunno this is what Dato already
berpura-pura also must take his picha one XD

p/s: behind there got a pencuri steal our orange juice!!!

me.Leong Chen.Noob huang

Our Ah deh & Leong Chen

p/s: the orange juice is back XD

lovely juin juin & me :)

peace =)

Group picha 3
thumb up =)

Why their head will like that???
only the people who go for the dinner knew it XD


Actually we are not the winner
just borrow the trophy to take picha
Muahaha XD

The nice photographer
always help us take photo
give you a reward :)

-Story End-

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sing again

11 Sept 09

Being forced by TAN SAY YIE
we go sing k at 4pm with dai dai
p/s: dai dai is my little cute + very in cousin
stupid + noob ppl (TAN SAY YIE)
didn't bring I.C. go out de wah
*later polis tangkap u then u know*
waste a lot $$
coz can't consider as student price
*you know lah,you look OLD must have I.C to proved*
wakaka XD
she is gonna kill me when she saw this
bler =p
sing the 2 ROCK song
sound gone
ppl can't hear my voice clearly
*while in call*
After that went to Jo house help Lee Revision his Acc. Prac
pity him...
B'day coming soon but can't celebrate
Hope you can pass ALL your paper
teehee :)

Friday, September 4, 2009


1. 当你爱上一个人而不被对方所爱,是一件很伤害的事。
但最痛苦的莫过于你爱一个人却没有勇 气让他知道你的感受。

2. 最好的朋友是那一种,能够让你坐在秋千上,不发一言,

3. 这是真实的~你永远不知道你得到了什么,直到你失去的时候。

4. 要遇上一个人,只要用一分钟的时间;

5. 为自己的梦想而去想,到自己想到的地方,做自己想做的事。

6. 尝试把自己放在对方的立场,当你感觉受到伤害时,

7. 最快乐的人并没有需要拥有世上所有最好的事,

8. 人生中一件伤心的事,是当你遇见一个对你充满意义的人,

9. 一句不小心说的话,会令一场骂战展开,

10. 爱由一个笑容开始,用一个吻来成长,用一滴眼泪来结束。

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New school life just begun

Today is the 1st day of new semester
one word to describe it- LAME
UCSI is so suck, the classroom is still TBA
go there hang around at G floor
but finally end up with have breakfast at Old Town
The only shop open in the
early morning
waste my whole morning time & missed the BIS class
B'coz of the LAME system
If not the U is near my house
I think i won't study here
be sure...haiz...
Eventhough 1 week just got 2 days class
which are Mon & Wed
but b'coz of this is short sem
everything will be very rush
I don't know why short sem assignment is more than long sem
somemore is individual + group
Really swt =="

Had change my programme from Acc & Finance to Accounting
cost me RM150
poor me ><

Shud put more effort for this semester
Gambateh bah, all the girls =)