Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I HATE the word "money"

Here showing some pic i take during the CNY
my head so big

my fatty cousin-JoJo ,
he is sososo heavy even he just 3 years old

wearing couple shirt with him XD

my grandma room-edited by sayie

the 28 year-old duck *dunno is wat duck* at my grandma house

my Baba young-look photo,found at grandma house
look like 颜行书

i'm back from Pahang

1st day we go our relative house bai nian & take ang pao

the 2nd day i chit chat with my Da jie & 2 jie till 4am++

edi long long time we didnt chat like that

i tot this year will be a HAPPY new year

but when the day we going back home...

an unhappy thing had happen

Baba & Mama quarrel again...

my tear sure will drop out if i didnt control

the feel is so horrible...

if dun have the word "money"

then everything will be fine

i HATE the word "money"

Friday, January 23, 2009

*Doggie-Bobby-Bibi* Happy CNY : )

Today i be a guai guai lui stay at home

when i woke up this morning,i think is about 11:40am

i walk down and sudden see a group of ppl sitting beside the stair

then i walk near and see wat happen

a doggie is lying on the floor

I ask my sis: whose dog is it?

sis: mum new buy dog
[coz my mum hate animal,she say they will dirty her house]

me: impossible

sis: actually is 3 yi buy de,moving to a new house so buy a pet

then i trust them lo,but finally they told me the dog is my big sis's customer's pet =="

although i scare dog,but this time not tat scare

coz he is cute :)

let me show you'll his cutie pic :
at 1st we dunno his name, my sis just simply guess "Bobby"
after that we ask our big sis, his name is Bibi, Bobby=Bibi heehee :)

Bibi dun wan look at camera : (

my sis hugging him,i not dare oh,haha XD

hand hand : )

sayang sayang you :)

yeah~~i not scare dog anymore =p

i will not be here for few days

going back to my far far hometown-Pahang tomolo

i will be back very very soon :)

miss you guys



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kah Yan's Wedding :D

tonight going Kah Yan house

got a buffet at her house

she is going to married tomolo

so fast and so early, hang fuk dou....

here is the photo we take:

Sweet Bride & Bridegroom
Chong & Chew
*sweet couple*

Me & Sum
me & Bonie
all " ji mui "

Kah Yan,wish u happy & sweet sweet with ur husband :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

January Birthday Babes :)

9 Jan 2009
we go 6 ppl go JUSCO sing k early in the morning
celebrate our lovely juin juin b'day, haha XD

after that we back sum house ply card "blow cow" game
*the game that Ribena learn from Taiwan*
quite nice,can tipu orang XD

we had a YQ8 gathering & juin b'day BBQ party
4 of us :) Friendship forever

cheers~ (",)

The process of pity juin being attacked
so many hands holding her hair!!!

look like so happy????


pity u lah juin
p/s: those "EVIL" laugh till so jin gak~

B'day gal with all the gals :)

all the guys with juin juin =]

we got a lucky draw after ate cake
i'm one of the "lucky" person
get a small hamper :)

wow~~damn tired man....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hate Kong Lok PM :(

today they all go eat ABC

i cant go bcoz of the NOOB Moral

i'm so so so regret i didnt ponteng

the lecturer really SHIT !!! keep talk nonsense

waste my precious time T.T

after class we go pm


there was people mountain people sea

all people is just move like a snake or snail

tat HangBoy say feel like cant breath,haha XD

eat so many thgs:

curry fish balls
chaw kuey teow
bubble tea
taiwan uncle bob chicken
spicy sausage

damn full now
tml morning still got class
bye lo

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Life

Today went to the Mines buy new year clothes with my sis

I drive there,so nervous
coz long time no drive edi

so scare man >.< stupid sis take pic when i am driving

yer~~my hand so scary...really like a skeleton

i wan gain weight i wan gain weight

damn UGLY =="

just now buy 3 set of clothes

but all is T-shirt,not bad not bad

haha XD

Total used up RM200++ for the new year clothes

tomolo start skul

will work harder for this sem

and this is the last sem for foundation

hope 2009 will better than 2008

New Life is starting now...

*huggies* all my girls :)