Thursday, February 26, 2009

w-t-h day

today wake up at 7am

then 720am finish prepared

but still need to wait a "turtle" sis
*heredity from my mum*

somemore everyday need to help her fill in water

finally 7 35am she gao dim edi

then I go add petrol lo

after that i drive to U like normal day

drive har drive har

1 km from the toll start to jam

w-t-h is going on

my right leg step the break till paralyse edi

keep shout in the car

my sis ask me use left leg

then i try to do so


totally no use,left leg is not listen to me

suddenly break gao gao

scare me arr~~~
*i think the car behind me more scare XD*

i use 1 hr to go my U

then still need to find parking and walk into U


when i reach the class,already 9am

i juz attend the class for half an hour



Freaking tired today

I sleep from 12pm to 415pm

after that my stomach is "druming" XD

then mum bungkus curry mee for me

Is time to start my homework

I used up one and half hr to finish it
[read 4700++ word and focus out the main point]

tomolo going back to Yu Hua
*my secondary skul*

to have an interview with my dance teacher

Monday, February 23, 2009

Malaca trip, fun fun fun :D

20/2-21/2 Fri-Satur

6 of us

lala,ribena,huang,chew,juin and me sing k at jusco

after that our journey to malaca had started XD

so sad that juin cant join us ><

we reach there about 4pm++

here show our journey's photo
our hotel-apartment
so hungry???

high high menara XD

in the shopping mall

eye on Malaysia

3 noob =p

kiss-ing baby

while we in the cable =]


me & ren

Satay celuk

i had ate 15 cucuk XD

almost all is red color =p
*red color more expensive*

huang's b'day cake-tiramitsu


cool man :)

malaca lake

always act =="

i went here when i still a child
now coming back again :)

yummy yummy...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I had cut my hair today with sum
*thx for accompany me* abit ugly, like a mushroom

waiting for my hair to go long then can cut back

: (

Thursday, February 12, 2009

No reason

attend the CS class at 8am

just 1 hr then can bck edi

coz we too smart

all understand edi,no need explain many many

then can bck home, hoho~~

after class went to GREEN BOX sing k with sum and jo

not crazy like b4

may be i'm too tired or may be the test is coming soon or something else ??

sorry to my bestie

coz i'm not 100% participate during the singing process

moody with No reason...

having an Algebra test tomolo

hope it's will be easy :D


Happy Valentine to everyone :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Celebration of Feb B'day Babies :)

7 Feb

We have a celebration of Feb B'day babies at 730pm

here we start :)

BBQ-ing food, yummy...
they mcm2 like the Hong Kong drama "金枝玉孽" XD
*so many 后宫*

Lalamui take photo with "dai lou"
*see he's so HAPPY* XD

Liong Chen & Ah De

大番薯 & Hang Boy

after BBQ they go ply handball
*mcm yes punya team* XD

Feb B'day Babies
Huang,Zi Wen,HangBoy,Chew,Ah Keong

All the Girls with B'day Babies =]

All the Guys with B'day Babies
p/s: got a girl curi-curi mix in and take photo

B'day Cake *凶器*

1,2,3 Blow~~~~

the part that cant missed it
we got 5 b'day babies but juz gt 2 cakes
so they muz 出手指 see who kena the cake XD

the lucky people are Huang & Chew

see the BIG HAND with green shirt,this is the murderer!!!


May all of ur wish come true :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I go skul with Jo at 11am++

my class at 2pm so i go print my F & A notes


I wait abt 1 hr ++ only reach my turn

those fellow print almost whole book edi,print so many =="

not care about the feeling of ppl who Queue-ing

suddenly receive a call from Jo

2pm cancelled class edi


i go there just for printing????

how many time edi?? the lecturer simply cancelled class

waste my precious time!!!

after printing I have lunch v Ribena :)

then we go sg. long yam cha at 8pm

suddenly gt a fellow say wan watch movie,then we went to JUSCO

wan watch that "大喜事" , but just left the 1st & 2nd row ticket

so we dun wan watch edi...

then we bck Ribena house again for Mahjong & Gamble

about 1 am we go "立春"

let me show some cutie pic :)

all ppl are trying to STAND the egg~~~
the STAND egg~~~

peace with egg egg =]

pai pai STAND de eggs XD

snooker with eggs???? haha XD

4 Feb


when i on the way skul,my fren call me

"moral studies class cancelled oh"


yesterday like that,today also like that !!!