Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY for 2010

everyone is going out for "bai nian"
but I didn't even go one's house
not in the CNY mood actually
I thought this year will be a brand new year for me
but it doesn't look like
this is not what I wish to
I hope the hard time may pass faster and the good time is coming
Sis is going to Sabah tomorrow
Will less a family member again
Don't worry sis, we will take care of baba

Althought I'm not getting any happiness during this CNY
but still wishing all of you Happy Chinese New Year
Woohoo =)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Why every CNY also like that?
Can't really have a peaceful, harmony CNY?
Why wan to let us know about this now and not earlier...

Why will these happen?
The bad thingys always follow us...

Why will become like this?
Since when the thing become worse and worse...

Why previously don't wan listen to us?
See now what had happen...
the thing we try to avoid is still happen...
People only feel scare at last moment...

Why you didn't talk to him?
You always know He need you...

The thing we need to do now is...
solve it together with one heart <3
Hard time will passed and the Good time is coming...
God Bless Us