Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BBQ+Tea time farewell for little HUANG

16 June -Tues-
We go Sg. Long psr mlm and yam cha as usual
little HUANG is going to NS tomolo
see his eyes also redish redish edi
feel like crying T.T
may be we will meet in YQ9?
after primary skul camp we keep stick together
Mahjong? Scary Movie? Bak Kut Teh? BBQ?
we will miss you 99
all the best to you and take care little kid
see you soon...
you are our little kid

13 June -Satur-

We have a BBQ庆功宴+farewell for little HUANG & Rui
who are going to NS on 17 June

here the pics of the day :)

10++ppl BBQ around the fire

say cheese :)

eat-ing time :D

After BBQ is our cam-whore time
then we have our killer game



spot the cute action from juin =p

yea :)

Besties :)

Juin lose edi,so sad :(

Is the time going back home
the sad time :(

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Primary School Camp :D

5-7 June -Fri~Sun-
Went to the Primary School Camp
Feel like tak biasa after back from the camp
the kids was so cute :)
miss them so much
Lazy to type so many
Just look towards those photos lah
Photos will tell the journey
heehee :)
my group =] *red color shirt is the leader*
sum not happy coz din take her photo :(

nah nah nah~now happy edi loh =p

All kids are so concerntrate


spot the noob face *noob hao a.k.a lala*

the cutest kid in the camp
acting DVD machine


peace :)

writing comment for the kids =]
*guess whose leg is it ???? *
Dang Dang Dang Dang~~
the answer is Loh Wan Chew's legs

playing scissor.stone.cloth with chicken little

"spot the cutest" :)

Chew lose for me !!! muahahahaha

take with certificate

finally *spot me???*

3 days 2 night camp just pass like that
see you'll again next year

Monday, June 1, 2009

GBBM Badminton Competition+饥饿12 XD

30 May -Satur-

After class me.sum.daniel went to serdang meet up with them

Let photos tell the story...

the swimming pool beside the hall,very nice

the cute trophy

referee-Ribena *so concentrate*

referee-Noob Hao *avoid from camera*

the participants

Lines-woman -Chew

the macam-macam Lines-man- Chris
the couple-Sum.Dan

the cutest participant :D

he will shout while he lose point,his emotion was so cute XD

we're just so boring coz dunno how to be a referee or even linesman
cam-whoring while the competition is process-ing:
fatty.mine shoes

o-m-g my hair was so oily T.T


the trophy is so cute
I can't control myself and take pic with it
if I'm the champion,haha

the hall is so so so hot,really can't tahan the temperature
we keep curi tulang and go to the toilet for air-cond
just girls toilet got air-cond
Big boobs !!! (00)

see the sam's retarded smile... keke

ugly TSY group

winners of Single player

winners of Double player

after that we went to 旺来 for dinner
damn damn damn hungry
all ppl look like a wolf while the foods come