Monday, March 1, 2010


20.2.10 -Saturday-

For me, 20 Feb is the special and the only date
20 Feb 2010 is our 3rd year anniversary

we had been together for 3years
time pass so fast :)
sometime we will quarrel
sometime we stay sweet

sometime we play jokes :)

I hope the relationship won't have an end =)

cam-whore in his car

the handmade card I made for him
*ignore my poor drawing*

while I step into his car,
he take a bouquet of rose to me
so sweet

He bring me to the 4 Season House at Setapak

p/s: the foods there is not bad and the price is reasonable & quite economic
the condition there quite good too
we chose WINTER to have our lunch :)

me & the only one

the Spring

the Summer

the Autumn

the Winter


SWATI said...

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chengyoon said...

congratulation !
looks so sweeeeet..
oh ya..
i want to invite you to my blog.
so can you give me your BLOG EMAIL
not blog ADDRESS