Saturday, April 10, 2010

The recent Life

Had been a long time didn't write something here,
cause of the busy-ness and not in the mood.

Something unpredictable happen since CNY
Only get the arrangement for kimo after 2 months
Nowadays, went to H.Selayang visit my Dad
Hope everything will be very very fine
God bless.

I need extra time,
24 hours per day is not enough for me
may be 48hours/day will be enough?

Don't have much time to study for my FINAL EXAM

which start from:
13 Apr - FOM & FM1
*2 sub in the same day,shit*
14 Apr - CMA
22 Apr - FA2
23 Apr - Audit 1

This semester really suck
I didn't felt so insecured for study before
All the new lecturer is so...
can't understand what they taught
Going to die for these subjects.

Only 1 word can describe my Life now - STRESS
the stress that derive from family
the stress that derive from study
the stress that derive from money
the stress that derive from relationship

I need fresh air.

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