Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Telematch - Desa Water Park

13 Dec -Sunday-

Have a telematch at Desa Water Park
organize by GBBM
My P come and find me the day before that
too bad I only can be the photographer
"Girls is ALWAYS the pity one"

Let start the day

Turtle Lai
*acting the picha behind him*

While waiting the people briefing

Red team

lame lala is hiding from the SUNSHINE

Why everyone look at there???

The 1st game :
the game is a bit hard for girls

wow~~ Ah Ken 一字马

the gang always face to camera


The 2nd & 3rd game:

while waiting the partner come from opposite side

macam-macam again

wanna be "Dropping King"
p/s: getting scold by the referee

can't really open my eyes
*the sunshine is too strong*

After that can play whatever you like
*envy envy*
I wanna jump into the water too
the weather is extremely HOT

we saw 1 father & 2 sons
look like the Japan 相扑手
*this is the elder son*

before get back home :D

-the end of the day-

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